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Product Offering

Amco Products, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of screw machine products and fastener drive tools. 

We offer engineering solutions for screw driving systems, as well as the production of unique specialty screwdrivers, bits, valve fittings and assembly components. 

As one of the oldest companies located at the heart of German’s traditional metal working area - Bergisches Land - we have developed our tool production know-how continually since 1793. The continuity of our specialist knowledge has made us the experts in sawing technology that we are today, and the depth of our experience benefits both our range of products and customers alike.

This is our goal - to convince you with every cut that our saws make.

ASG has been offering products and solutions for light assembly since 1976. A complete line of torque control products and precision fastening equipment is offered through ASG Assembly, ASG Industrial, and ASG Precision Fastening and includes electric and pneumatic torque control screwdrivers, automated fastening systems, torque testers, work station accessories, precision screw feeders, automatic tape machines, the X-Paq™ System, and more.

Brooke Cutting Tools has been known for its market leadership in the cutting tool industry for over 95 years. With over 800 skilled engineers around the world, our company achieves the versatility that is expected in the universal tool market. No application is out of reach and our high quality products are sought out on a global scale. Our tools meet international standards, but can be customized to our customers own specifications. Armour Piercing Drills, Carbide Burrs, Chip Breaker Drills, Circular Saws, Color Banded Application Taps, Physical Vapor Deposition, Rail Drills, Solid Carbide End Mills, UD Twist Drills, and much more.

Hy-Tech Machine is a proud American company manufacturing the highest quality replacement parts and pneumatic tools. Our products under the brand names of ATP, ATSCO, Ozat, Thor, Arnessen, Eureka and Thaxton are sold in the U.S. and international markets.

Innovator and manufacturer of specialty Eco-Friendly chemicals.  SurVerda Ecomax cutting oil, Ecomax all purpose lubricant and Ecomax multi-purpose grease.

For over 30 years Torc LLC has manufactures hydraulic torque wrenches for some of the most renown torque wrench companies in the world.  Our wrenches offer quality, durability and a highly competitive price structure achievable with what is known to be one of the 
most modern machining facilities in the U.S.A.

Treston designs and manufactures ergonomic industrial furniture such as work tables and work benches, shelving and cabinets, drawer units, manual assembly lines for various industries, homes and public buildings.